Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Oh, Brother! The Love!

Oh, Brother!

On Sunday night you stayed with Abigail for an hour and a half while Brad and I went to dinner.

I am so thankful for your loving care of Abigail and for your enthusiasm for spending time with her.

I hope that some day I will be able to reciprocate whether it is taking care of your baby/ies or dog/s.

It is so special to see you with Abigail.  You are the "baby" of the family and I have never seen you with any babies of any kind, really. I have seen how much you have loved our animals in the past, but not babies.  So, to see the love between you and my baby is sometimes overwhelming and always beyond wonderful. 

She loves you back <3  Yesterday (after all I am writing this at 2:56 a.m on Tuesday) we were playing with some of the same toys you had played with the night before. I said "Uncle Timothy was the last one to play with these with you, huh?" and she smiled so big and started babbling.

So even though she might cry sometimes when I am away or, like Sunday night, have a few tears in her eyes when I return... I also take that as a sign that she is o.k., that I have left her with someone who she feels safe being vulnerable with. I notice that she has her arms around you, that she is not inconsolable, that she is easily soothed when I take her in my arms, but does not immediately reach her arms out to me... and I see the love.

Thank you!


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